Covid-19 Guidelines

BRI follows OCPS protocols and procedures for Covid-19.


Please review the OCPS Health and Safety Procedures Manual at:  

OCPS/BHS Information regarding mask usage beginning Monday, August 30 and extending through Oct. 30th, 2021:


OCPS Transportation: Masks are to be worn by students & staff.


OCPS outdoor practices/games: Masks are not required of spectators and are not required of participating athletes & coaches. OCPS is encouraging social distancing.


OCPS indoor practices and games: Mask are required of all spectators including students who do not have a note from a doctor. Mask are not required of our participating athletes & coaches. We will treat this just as we did last year. Walking into the facility and up to the time teams start warming-up, masks must worn. While standing for National Anthem, on bench during games and immediately following the game until everyone walks out of the building, mask must be worn.


Off campus athletic facilities: Spectators will follow the guidelines of the facility. Mask are not required of our participating athletes & coaches.


Locker rooms:  Masks are required to be worn in locker rooms by athletes & coaches.  Locker rooms should be limited to use only when necessary. Visiting participating athletes need to come to athletic contests dressed in uniform.


During Competition: Student athletes do not need to wear masks at this time during the course of their competition as determined by Executive Planning Group.