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Friday Evening:  Catered dinner from Demetrios to include baked shells, chicken parm, salad and bread


Saturday Breakfast:  Hotel


Saturday Lunch:  Turkey wraps, chips, and pasta salad


Saturday Snacks:  Pretzels, Nutella, carrots, ranch, strawberries (or bananas) and cheese sticks


Saturday Dinner:  Dinner hosted by the Stelmashenko Family at 5465 Dominica Circle.  The link is  Please respond to Paula S. if you would like hamburgers, a hotdog or veggie burger in the comments.


Sunday Breakfast:  Hotel


Sunday Lunch:  Pasta Bar to include Penne Pasta, red sauce, Alfredo sauce, salad, and bread


Sunday Snacks:  Granola bars, apple slices, peanut butter, and pretzels


The total cost for each rower is $25.00 for the weekend and includes all meals listed above.  The rowers' meal package must be paid for by 4/20/18.  All rowers must participate in the full meal plan.

Parents and siblings have the option of ordering the meals listed above for the full weekend or a la carte. Otherwise you will need to make your own arrangements for meals and snacks.  All orders and payments are due by 4/20/18.

If you choose to pay by cash or check, all payments must be received by 4/20/18.  You should include a description of what you are oprdering with your payment.

If you are using Paypal you can choose below.  A small fee will be included in the purchase to cover Paypal fees.  Please make sure you double check your selections in your Paypal cart before purchasing.

Full Weekend Meal Plan:               Rower $25  (Required)


Full Weekend Meal Plan:               Parent/Sibling $25 each


Friday Night Catered Dinner:       Parent/Sibling $10 each


Saturday Lunch and Snacks:        Parent/Sibling $8 each


Sunday Lunch and Snacks:          Parent/Sibling $7 each

2018 State Regatta Meals

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