The William R. Boone High School Crew Team was established in 1985 and is open to any Boone High School student who wants to row.

Rowing is an incredible physical activity

  • It is a co-ed sport that combines full-body fitness with a recreational activity.
  • It requires minimum skills to achieve (you can learn to row in an afternoon) yet it will remain a challenge as you continue to improve.
  • People of all ages, sizes, and physical limitations can learn to row and achieve a level of accomplishment that is both physically beneficial and personally rewarding.
  • Athletes from other sports can find a home where they can continue to compete or work out safely. More than one football player, runner, basketball or soccer player has found a happy home in a boat.

Values, Role Models, and the Bigger Picture

Many parents like the fact that rowing strengthens a sense of duty and obligation to the team that is not as fully developed in other activities. An eight-oared crew can only go out if all eight rowers and the coxswain show up on time. Rowing reinforces the value of teamwork over an extended period for a common objective. Rowing teaches the value of deferred gratification, and mental toughness. It teaches young people to go beyond self-imposed limits.


Let’s not over analyze this – Rowing is fun. Ask the kids who do it. They do it because it’s fun. They enjoy the sport and each other in a way that defies understanding. Our rowers have a broad range of interests, come from a range of backgrounds and experience but they all love rowing!

See you on the Water!