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EVENTS 2022-2023

Fall Regatta Schedule


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October 15th, 2022- First Coast Regatta, Jacksonville, FL

2nd Place- Silver Men's Youth 2x

3rd Place-Bronze Women's Youth Novice 4+

October 29th, 2022-Halloween Regatta, Tampa Bypass Canal, FL

2nd Place- Silver Men's Junior 4+

November 5-6, 2022-Head of the Hooch, Chattanooga, TN

December 10th, 2022- Fall Sprints, Tampa Bypass Canal, FL

1st Place- Gold Men's Lightweight 2x

1st Place- Gold Men's Jr 4+

2nd Place- Silver Men's Jr 2x

2nd Place- Silver Men's Lightweight 4x

3rd Place- Bronze Women's Jr 4x

3rd Place- Bronze Women's Jr 2x

Spring Regatta Schedule


February 4th, 2023- Novice Race, Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake- host Lake Brantley

1st place- Women's 4+

1st place- Women's 4x

1st place- Men's 4+

2nd place- Men's 4x

February 11th- Citrus Super Sprints, Lake Henderson at Inverness, FL

3rd place- Women's 4+

3rd place- Women's 4x

2nd place- Men's 1x

3rd place - Men's 1x

1st place- Men's 4x

1st place- Men's 4+

2nd place Men's Novice 4x

1st place Men's Novice 4+

1st place Men's 2x

2nd place Men's 2x

February 26th- Sarasota Invitational, Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota

1st place- Men's 2X

1st place- Men's4+

1st place- Women's Novice 4+

2nd place- Men's 2x

2nd place- Men's Lightweight 4+

3rd place- Men's 2x

3rd place- Men's Novice 4+

3rd place- Men's 2-

3rd place- Women's 4+

March 11, 2023 - OARS Invitational, Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake, Orlando

April 1st, 2023- Districts, Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake- host Braves Rowing

1st place- Men's Jr 2X

1st place- Men's Lightweight 2X

1st place- Women's JR 4+

2nd place- Men's V 2X

3rd place- Women's Freshman 2x

3rd place- Men's Freshman 4

3rd place- Men's V 4+

3rd place- Men's Freshman 4

April 15-16, 2023 - FSRA  Sculling States Regatta,  Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota- overnight

8th of 20 in the state- Women's Freshman 2x

9 of 36- Men's Junior 2x

April 28-30, 2023 - FSRA Sweep States Regatta, Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota- overnight

May 26-27 SRAA - Scholastic Nationals- Select Rowers- Oak Ridge, TN

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