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Thank you for your interest in the Braves Rowing team! 

Braves Rowing, Inc. (BRI) is the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates Boone Crew, the Boone High School rowing team established in 1985 by a group of Boone High School students.

Financial Disclosure: Crew is an expensive sport. Unlike other high school team sports, crew is not funded by the school, district, county, or state. The team is self-sustaining and must operate as a nonprofit entity. While the families of each athlete pay membership dues to be part of the team, this income only covers basic operating costs, such as coaching salaries, insurance, equipment maintenance and boathouse utilities. Fundraising is critical to keeping dues to a minimum and is part of every athlete/family's commitment to the team. In addition to membership dues and fundraising, each athlete/family is responsible for uniform purchase, TL Park pass fees, regatta fees and also their own travel expenses when the team participates in out-of-town events. These expenses include hotel accommodations, food, and transportation costs and may range from $200-$500 per out-of-town regatta.  Athletes/families may choose to opt-out of the more expensive, out-of-state regattas if the cost doesn't work for their particular situation. A separate financial commitment acknowledgment form is a required part of the registration process.

The steps below outline the registration process for BRI's rowing program. A completed registration packet, a sports physical, ECG clearance, swim test, and a non-refundable registration fee are required to participate.  The registration fee covers US Rowing membership, and other administrative expenses. 

Please complete all documents in the Braves Rowing and OCPS packets below and email them to Registrar@boonerowing.comAll parents and athletes are required to read the Boone Crew Handbook.  The last page of the Handbook must be signed by athletes and parents and submitted with the registration packet. 


1.  Braves Rowing Registration Forms: 

- BRI Release and Waiver
- Waiver and Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement
- Emergency Medical Treatment Authorization
- Authorization for Participation, Request for Transportation and Release of Liability
- Model Release Form
- Contact Information Form

- Swim Test Form

- Handbook Acknowledgement & Consent Form

- BRI Financial Agreement

2.  Orange County Public Schools Registration Forms:

- Online athletic clearance at Athletic Clearance (
- FHSAA Preparticipation EL2 Form (Must be filled out and signed by a physician)

- Heart Screen ECG (Must be completed by a Cardiologist or Pediatric Cardiologist). Schedule a screening at:  (Please note ECG screening results will be emailed once the screening is completed. Please forward the results to both the Boone Athletic Director and BRI Registrar upon receipt.  Only one ECG screening per High School career is required, but original must be resubmitted each year.)  

-NFHS Video Requirements: Per FHSAA, all student-athletes are required to watch and complete the following NFHS Courses annually. Upload Certificates of Completion for each course into your Athletic Clearance account in the ‘Files’ section. Certificates must have the students name on them. Course completion is REQUIRED for clearance.

-Click here for instructions and the link to the courses:  NFHS Learn Center Instructions

            -Required Courses:  Concussion in Sports or Concussion for Students, Heat Illness Prevention,               Sudden Cardiac Arrest​

​​3.  Boone Crew Handbook:

- This handbook contains essential information, resources, policies, guidelines, and rules for every member of the Boone Crew community - including rowers, parents, coaches, and volunteer supporters. Expectations and requirements for participation in Crew, as well as detailed information regarding financial and time commitments, are included.

- Please review the handbook carefully and keep it available for future reference.

- Please sign, and return the Handbook Acknowledgement & Consent Form with your registration paperwork.

4.  Bill Frederick Park Membership:

- A valid park pass is required for all athletes.  If you will be carpooling or driving your athlete, we suggest purchasing a family pass.  The park will not allow entrance to the park without a valid pass or payment of the daily entry fee.  There are no exceptions to the BFP entrance requirements for BRI Athletes or their transportation.  Please click on the City of Orlando logo for a link to the BFP Membership Page.

City of Orlando Logo

You may return your completed forms as follows:

Scan and e-mail to:

ADDitions Volunteer Applications and Safe Sport Training: All Boone Crew parents and chaperones are required to complete both an OCPS ADDitions volunteer application and SAFE SPORT training.



1.  Complete the ADDitions application on the OCPS website:

2.  Be sure to check OVERNIGHT CHAPERONE if applicable

3.  Once your ADDitions application has been approved (this can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the time of year), please login to your account and take a SCREEN SHOT OR PHOTO of your approval status (listed below your profile picture).

4.  Send a copy of your approval status to:



All Boone Crew coaches, board members, staff, chaperones, and athletes 18 years and older must receive certification in Safe Sport training. Directions for completing the training will be provided by the Registrar at the first parent meeting. 

NO STUDENT MAY PARTICIPATE IN ROWING ACTIVITIES WITHOUT BEING CLEARED BY THE BRI REGISTRAR.  In order to be cleared, all forms must be completed and approved by the BHS Athletic trainer and the BRI Registrar.  By submitting these forms you agree to the OCPS/Braves Rowing Inc rules and requirements and understand that not following these requirements could result in removal of your rower from Boone Crew.


Thank you for your interest and we look forward to an exciting year of rowing!

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